Friday, July 18, 2008

The Outsider and Vanishing

Vanishing - This is my final prep rocket before building my super-sonic Aspire kit. It will be a minimum diameter 24mm rocket to fly on D+E engines. Last night I started the e-bay, nose cone prep and installed the motor block. I also selected fins from my mass of un-used Estes kits, in this case Comanche 3 upper stage fins. I'm going to do flights with 2 different nose cones: 1 ogive from a Comanche 3 kit and 1 long conical. Both have had some lead fishing weights added and held in with Gorilla Glue.

The Outsider - Parallel staged 3 motor rocket. This is a kit bash with an Estes SpaceShipOne kit and some other tubes I had. I've come up with a unique way to hold the boosters on, we'll see how this works. The plan is for 2 rear-ejection boosters flying on A-B's and 1 main C in the sustainer. I'm leaving room to use staging electronics in the future as well.

Everything set together:

Booster slide (split launch lug):

Basswood BBQ skewer and hardwood stick:

Glued together to create slide for booster to mount to:

Extended motor mount and plastic shroud:

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