Monday, July 7, 2008

A very "Curious" rocket...

My GF (Lori) and I watched the Curious George movie several months ago. She fell in love with George at that time. As I have an interest in rockets I thought I would build her one to try to draw her into the hobby a little more. Here I present my "Curious Rocket"

Both flights were straight and stable on an Estes B6-4. The delay on ejection was a bit long and the chute didn't fully deploy on either flight. On the second flight it landed on the only hard ground within 300' and was damaged (bent tube, broken fin).

The small frame and short height there cause some space issues. Because of this I don't want to risk flying the rocket any more. I am going to paint it up real nice and it will be a "display" model. In the future I hope to build a mid-power version to fly on 29mm motors, that should work much better.

Overall I had a lot of fun building this rocket and I think Lori really got a kick out of it.

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Dick said...

Cool, I like it! Great Fat Boy bash. I wonder what I was up to around the time you posted this since I don't remember seeing it.