Monday, August 4, 2008

Saturday's launch report

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Several people joined me early Saturday morning to do some low-power flights. Justin, Kevin, Jeremiah, Andy and his son all made it out. We flew a lot with several great flights and recoveries. I'll have a nice photo of all the spent motors up later tonight that gives some indication of the flights we did.

I tested The Outsider (seen at the right), the first flight went decent, the second flight I jumped from one A8-3 to a C6-5 and 2 A8-3 motors. The C6-5 was just too powerful and caused all kinds of problems. Both boosters ripped up early, then it sustainer took off horizontal and slammed into a concrete step across the field. The sustainer was destroyed, the boosters are re-usable with a little work.

Overall we had a great time and all the new launch electronics, etc. worked very well. If you'd like to see all the photos from our little launch day please visit my Flickr Page.

I ended up flying:
The Outsider x2 (1 failure)
Eulogy x1 solid recovery... in a tree.
36 D Squared x1 great boost on two E's, recovery failure, undamaged
The Patient x1 on a C11-3, great flight to 450'
Vanishing x1 on a E9-6, flight to 2053' but the ejection charge fried the body tube
Blue Streak x1/2 shredded on an Aerotech D21
Big Daddy x2 the Aerotech E30 blew out the baffle, I flew it again on a C11-3, perfect low altitude flight with ejection right at apogee.


R2K said...

How do you like the 36 D squared? I would love to have that kit some day...

I am a bit annoyed by the name, I dont really think it is appropriate.

Murdock said...

I think its a decent rocket, the boost on the double E9 motors was great. I got the kit because it was on clearance at Hobby Lobby and it has proved fun. If you're looking for a large, unique Estes kit you can't go wrong with it.

I do agree on the name, it doesn't bother me much, it did inspire my sticker choice.

I have plans to turn it into a booster for my other project. Hopefully I'll have some time to spend on that soon.

R2K said...

Haha nice decoration.

I do have 2 24mm cases so I would mix and match if I had one. But I ran out of money ordering art applewhite kits so I need to build those 5 first.