Wednesday, May 20, 2009

There will be video

Earlier in the month I picked up a Flip Ultra camcorder. I will be using this to video prep and the launch from the ground. It is also small enough to be mounted inside the e-bay if I so choose.

Today I picked up an Oregon Scientific ATC2K "Action Cam" This comes with several mounting options, one of which is a very strong silicon rubber strap. I plan on securing the camera to the mount with some Kevlar thread as suggested on EMRR's Rocket Review page. I'm hoping by the end of the weekend I should have some nice videos.

While purchasing the ATC2K I was offered an extended warranty which I initially declined, then the following conversation took place:
Me - "Well, what does that warranty cover?"
Cashier - "Everything, full replacement"
"So, say, if it was launched on a rocket and something happened?"
"That is awesome! It should be covered, let me check"
Manager comes over
Cashier - "So they are going to strap this to a rocket, would the extended warranty replace it if something happens?"
Manager - "Hell, I'll replace it!"
Me - "Sold"
$5 later, full warranty, just in case.

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