Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tripoli Level 1 Certified!

I flew "Neurotic Ape" on a CTI I-345 White Thunder motor Friday afternoon. Due to wind there was a little bit of weather cocking and it was coning a little bit. However it flew up to 1998ft and deployment was just past apogee. I recovered it fairly close to the launch site, returned to the LCO got inspected and John W. signed off on my L1 Cert. Mailed it off to Tripoli yesterday, they should receive it soon.

Pictures, video and a big update about the Mile High Mayhem coming soon.

Planning on a minimum diameter 38mm rocket for my next one to get a little more performance.


The EGE said...


Sascha Grant said...

Congratulations! I'm looking to do my L1 in the next month or so :)

Bayourat Rocketry said...

Awesome. Now it's on to L2!

R2K said...

Did anyone tell you: "Congrats.. now open your wallet." ?

That is the usual line after a level 1 cert.